At SEDL, we are aiming to provide granular, targeted and current data to help those looking to make hard decisions on how to best deploy and prioritise COVID-19 response resources. We hope this level of data is helpful to both government and social investors in their decision-making, but also for local organisations, such as charities and social enterprises operating with, and for, the individuals living and experiencing the COVID-19 effects in these communities.

In the map below (which can also be fully accessed here), data is shown at Middle Layer Super Output Area-level, (MSOA) to articulate each local area’s pre-existing vulnerability to the COVID-19 crisis, and the size of the current economic effect experienced within these communities.

We encourage you all to explore and play around with the map:

  • Try select different datasets to show – perhaps looking to see how areas with different pre-existing vulnerability levels are experiencing the economic effects through sales and jobs at risk.
  • Zoom in and out of areas that are of interest to you.
  • Click on a specific area on the map to see the underlying data points appear on the left panel.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas on what this means for COVID-19 efforts.

The data provided in the map has drawn on the excellent work done by others to complement SEDL’s sales datasets:

  1. The British Red Cross: who has made their COVID-19 vulnerability index, and underlying datasets, fully available for others to use (more found Vulnerability github and in the data notes below).
  2. Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI): who have shared their jobs at risk dataset, at MSOA-level, with us for the purposes of this map (more found at OCSI local labour market analysis and in the data notes below). Their jobs at risk dataset has also built on the stellar work done by the RSA, which can be found RSA jobs at risk analysis.

As you can see, our work has benefited greatly by the above data sources, alongside the work of other social economy data players, who are sharing openly and transparently during this crisis. We encourage any other data partners who have granular (MSOA-level) datasets that they think would be helpful to please get in touch.

Do also keep an eye out for monthly updates to the map – we are looking to add a third data dimension related to recovery and response efforts, if it is helpful to do so.

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