The Social Economy Data Lab’s (SEDL) core aim is to support the social economy to access and make better use of data to inform decisions. That has never seemed more important as we face an unprecedented set of circumstances that will affect charities, social enterprises and the people they seek to help not only during the current health crisis but long afterwards.

Some of what we do is slow and technical and takes a lot of time and effort to get right. That includes our work on a social investment data specification for sharing data, and the work that we’ve put into making proprietary data available for use by the wider social economy. Much of our work is about developing partnerships as well as data sources, that too can be slow. Relationships of trust aren’t immediate.

What that long slow work has meant, however, is that as we face this new set of challenges, we are in a position to step up our work using our data sets, and build on our partnerships to ensure that the insights we can produce can be put to good use.

We’re currently working hard on drawing those new insights into useful tools for use right here and right now. Watch this space for more information. We will aim to be as quick as we can.

SEDL is currently hosted by Social Investment Business (SIB).