Opening up

Upwards arrowsJungwoo Hong

Whenever you are attempting to develop a new service, it’s crucial to get input from your potential users. You may believe you’ve come up with a cracking idea, but the only way you’ll find out if you’re right is by testing it, with people who are coming with a fresh pair of eyes. There is no shortage of splendid-sounding concepts which, in the end, have turned out not to be the killer app for this, or the trip advisor for that: in fact it’s an inevitable part of trying out new stuff that most of it won’t actually work.

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Introducing the Open Diagnostic project

Data StudioStephen Dawson

Charities and social enterprises can benefit greatly from investing time, effort and resources into becoming more effective organisations. However, this can often be hard to achieve. Day-to-day demands – delivering services, managing staff, trustees and volunteers, securing ongoing income – can leave little space to reflect on the trajectory of the organisation as a whole.

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