We are taking a user-led approach to developing a diagnostic service for charities and social enterprises, which makes the best use of existing sources of data, such as Charity Commission records and 360Giving.

The Open Diagnostics Project ran between March and June 2018. This content is now archived.

Currently, social organisations in the UK lack a simple, standardised way to diagnose their strengths and weaknesses as organisations, identify their development priorities, and explore their options for capacity and capability building support.

Between March and June 2018, the Social Economy Data Lab is working with a range of charities and social enterprises, along with grant-makers, infrastructure bodies and social investors, to better understand whether a standardised online service can effectively meet this need.

This project is called “Open Diagnostic” because we will be taking an open, collaborative approach to developing this service and, wherever possible, drawing on open (ie publicly available) sources of information.

This three month project will involve:

  1. Building and testing a prototype online service, which will combine existing sources of data about an organisation into a simple, accessible format;
  2. Conducting a light-touch ‘concept testing’ survey to gauge wider interest in such a service and gather suggestions, questions and concerns;
  3. Developing a strategic plan for an open, shared and collaborative approach to supporting organisational development within the social sector in the UK;
  4. Establishing a steering group to review, refine and approve this plan.

We will be regularly posting to our blog to provide updates on our progress.