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Stephen Dawson Data Studio

SEDL started in 2017, with grant support from Power to Change and three pilot social investors – Key Fund, the Community Shares Unit and Social Investment Business. 

The project’s conception built on the learning from 360Giving, which has secured the publication of open data on over £30bn of grants from more than 120 different funders. Social investment brings new challenges for publishers and users of data, but it was envisioned that the sharing of knowledge and best practice will create better conditions for social investment.

By 2019, the project had built a Data Specification and  draft insights platform, with over 800 social investment deals.. At this point, Social Investment Business, with the continued support of Power to Change and Barrow Cadbury’s Connect Fund, began project-managing the incubation and expansion of SEDL to transition into the sector-owned initiative we strive for today.  

Our current work

From 2019 onwards, 17 social investors have committed to sharing deal-level data through SEDL, indicating their support for better data use across social lending. We remain focused on solidifying the data use case, so that SEDL is not seen as a reporting framework, but a data hub from which social investors can access the right information to make more effective decisions on a daily basis. To date, initial data use workshops, supported by Esmee Fairburn, have been held; and more work continues in pursuit of building the data maturity among partners. 

We are currently moving into SEDL Phase 2 with includes three critical streams, alongside the foundational SEDL sector governance solution currently in process: 

  1. Furthering the technical development on the current Specification, based on the learning and needs identified during the pilot phase.
  2. Establishing an interface so that social investors can easily access data and insights emerging from the SEDL data.
  3. Supporting ways to enhance data maturity and use by aligning SEDL data and insights to different social investor decision-making processes.