Social Investment Business (SIB), Access and Power to Change recently released a review looking at how our three organisations are performing in serving the needs of minoritised ethnic communities (report found here). This research highlighted the continued need for better data, shared openly, to (i) continue evidencing the barriers that exist for minoritized ethnic-led organisations when accessing funding; and (ii) improve accountability of funding decision-making.

In response to this call, SIB together with our partners, Access, Power to Change, and the Youth Endowment Fund (YEF), are pleased to release our Diversity Dashboard (click here for a larger view). It reflects the data from seven funds and programmes over the last 2 years: totalling 5,189 applicants with 1,404 approved, and contains key organisational information on 4,737 unique social sector organisations. More fund information can be found below –

This dashboard was built to be interactive and support different user data needs; allowing for filters to select for dimensions of intersectionality (Disability-led, LGBT-led, Woman-led in addition to BAME-led), region of operation, sector and size of organisation. Currently our dashboard contains funds for which we have data, but as SIB, Access, Power to Change and YEF continue to improve the diversity data collection processes for future funds, we will update this dashboard. We encourage others to get in touch if you are interested in adding your data to this dashboard too.

Dashboard user note: There are three pages to the online dashboard, press the arrows on the grey panel at the bottom of the webpage to flick through.


  • For any questions related to the diversity data methods, metrics, and definitions, please contact [email protected]
  • If you are a social investor or grant-funder, interested in contributing your data to this dashboard, please contact [email protected]