We are working to create a better informed and more transparent social investment market in the UK, with better measurement of impact, increased lending efficiency and more strategic decision making.

Supported by Power to Change and the Connect Fund, we are working to:

  • Create a simple data specification to support social investors to create and share accessible, comparable and joined-up data on their investments
  • Provide a hub with access to key datasets, accessible for re-use by researchers, investors, analysts and organisations seeking investment
  • Support skills development around data management and use in the social investment field

The project builds on learning from 360Giving, which has secured the publication of open data on over £11bn of grants from more than 50 different funders.

Social investment brings new challenges for publishers and users of data, but it is hoped that the sharing of knowledge and best practice will create better conditions for social investment.

You can access the draft specification here.